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Git & GitHub For Beginners - Master Git and GitHub

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So you want to learn Version Control Systems. Maybe that's Git, GitHub (or maybe both Git GitHub), GitLab, or even Bit Buckets. Doesn't really matter. Let me teach you all the FUNDAMENTALS you need to get yourself STARTED as FAST as possible. I know that your time is precious and maybe you're about to start a NEW JOB at your dream company or maybe you need to start working on your projects right away - so LET'S NOT WASTE TIME! Studying our Git and GitHub Masterclass course will save you PLENTY of time googling and trying to connect the dots. So WELCOME to my Ultra Practical & Summarized Git and GitHub Course to get yourself started! Let's Git It, shall we??

Since I know many of you guys want to get to business right away - I’ve created this ultimate course with the most essential content you will need to feel confident with Git and GitHub and get yourself started as fast as possible. You will get all the necessary explanations, straight to the point, without any irrelevant content - exactly what you need (including all the "git setup", etc). And the last thing that I want to mention here - this course will be yours to keep as the Git and GitHub Cheat Sheet you can and should use whenever you will need it. So I guess you know that this "Git and GitHub" course is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for you and that’s something you must have in your Developer ToolBox. And without further ado, ENROLL in the course RIGHT NOW and I’ll see you inside. * The content is mainly regarding "Git" and "GitHub", but ALSO you will get a few ADDITIONAL sections such as "GitLab" and "SVN". So much content to get yourself started! :)

Who this course is for:

Students at the Academy who want to learn Git and GitHub VCS Graduated Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering (who skipped Git in College) Programmers & Developers who want to improve their skills Python Developers to develop cool applications using Git JavaScript Developers Web Developers - who want to store their projects on Git GitHub C/C++/C# Developers Anyone who wants to know the essentials of Version Control in General and Git and Github in particular!

Related Skills

Course overview - 51

  • Section 1: Introduction to Version Control Systems

  • Curriculum

  • How to approach this course? [Heroes may skip]!

  • Introduction to Version Control Systems - WHY you should be using it?

  • What is a VCS? Choosing the Version Control System!

  • Section 2: Learning Git Essentials

  • Configuring Basic Git Information

  • Creating First Git Project (git init)

  • Basic Workflow of Git

  • Git Workflow - Additional Practice

  • Reviewing Changes in Git - using "git diff"

  • Removing a file from Git Repository

  • Tagging (Local Part)

  • Unstaging a Staged File in Git

  • Unmodifying Files - Revert Last Commit Operation in Git

  • Section 3: GitHub: First Steps & Basics

  • Collaboration & Online Backup - Importance

  • Choosing GitHub RVCS

  • Creating GitHub Account

  • Quickly Exploring GitHub

  • Creating New Repository on GitHub

  • Section 4: GitHub: Commands & Functionalities

  • Public-Private Clarification

  • SSH - General Explanation

  • Configuring Connection using SSH

  • Watch & Star

  • Raw, Blame and History of a file on GitHub

  • GitHub Issues & Labels

  • ".gitignore"

  • GitHub Fork Functionality

  • Clone from Remote to Local Repository

  • General Introduction to Branches

  • Branches - Hands On! Git & GitHub Usage

  • Section 5: Version Control Premium Content: Visualization, Flow, and Commands

  • Visualization of Git Local Workflow Diagram

  • Untracked files

  • Tracking New Files

  • Staging Modified Files

  • Two States After Staged

  • Committing the Changes

  • Skipping the Staging Area

  • Section 6: Branching, Merging, and Conflict Resolution

  • Merge - Fast Forward Technique

  • Merge - Recursive Merging 3-Way Merge

  • Merge Conflict - General Introduction

  • Merge Conflict Resolution - Core Part & Usage

  • Section 7: Git Intermediate Level: Going Further

  • “git log” --> Going Further

  • Git Aliases

  • Removing Files

  • Moving a file in Git

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Vlad Budnitski
Vlad BudnitskiInstructor
Welcome, my name is Vlad and I’ll be your teacher on Grinfer! I have a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering. Also, I have practical experience working as an Engineer at a large corporation like an Intel Company, as well as a couple of Start-Ups which included the development of IoT and Cyber-Systems and making some cool projects with different companies (like Wacom). I feel eager and passionate about sharing my knowledge in the best way I can and helping you to learn programming topics in the best and easiest way. So I hope you're ready for the beginning of our journey together - let’s LEVEL UP our Programming Skills!