By Emilio Garcia, Professional Organizer

How to Clean & Organize Your Fridge

This course is all about getting your fridge organized in order to help you feel happier in your kitchen.
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What you will learn

  • Cleaning Routine for the Fridge 
  • Safe Products for Cleaning the Fridge 
  • Safe Food Storage Tips

Course description

Eating well and feeling good about cooking is just like the old saying “we eat with our eyes first.” This class is all about getting your fridge organized in order to help you feel happier in the kitchen.

The class is for anyone looking to learn how to store food and produce properly to give it longer life and make it easier to cook from. This is a common request made by our clients (and friends) about how to keep and maintain a beautiful looking icebox (we mean fridge).

Learn tips about keeping it clean and ready to be reloaded when you go grocery shopping or have leftovers.

Who this course is for: Students who have never cleaned a fridge before. Students who have just started living on their own. Students curious about how to keep their fridge well maintained. Students investing more time into meal planning and meal prep.


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Course overview - 11

  • Introduction

  • Course Project

  • What You Will Need

  • Cleaning The Outside Of The Fridge

  • Cleaning The Door

  • Cleaning The Inside Of The Fridge

  • Returning Items To The Fridge

  • Washing The Produce Bins

  • Putting Groceries In The Fridge

  • Quick & Easy Food Safety

  • Congratulations!

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Emilio Garcia
Emilio GarciaProfessional Organizer
We are Samantha and Emilio, the husband-and-wife duo behind KW Professional Organizers (KWPO). Since 2012 we have been helping people transform their lives through organizing their homes and lives. Our goal is to share proven organizational strategies to help you create more time, space, and energy – to do the things that you love and create your desired lifestyle. We take a very holistic approach that includes the physical, mental, and emotional angles.