By Taurius Litvinavicius, Businessman

Learn programming using C#

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Learn programming using C#

Course description

The C# language is one that can be used for anything and that is literally anything - web developed (now even front-end using Blazor), mobile (using xamarin), windows desktop applications (WPF or windows forms) and even games or IoT projects. However, before you get into any of that, you need to get through the basics and this course will do just that.

Related Skills

Course overview - 12

  • Basics

  • Logic

  • Methods (basics)

  • Classes (basics)

  • Variables (basics)

  • Error handling

  • Useful methods

  • Text (advanced)

  • Classes (advanced)

  • Binary

  • Asynchronous

  • Search in objects (Linq)

Meet your instructor

Taurius is a businessman, tech expert and an author - both in video courses and books. He is currently working on establishing a modern web adverts platform and he recently finished a book called "Exploring Blazor". From his wide range of expertise and assertiveness, you will get quick accurate and honest consultations.